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Questions for Early identification and support

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1. Mark 3 characterisations of Early Help:
2. The correct meaning of remedial work is:
3. Working Together 2013 sets out that Early Help assessments of families should be completed by:
4. A Lead Professional can be any professional involved with a family.
5. A referral has been made to the Children’s Duty Team. A mother has telephoned in a distressed state due to the school having informed her that they are going to fine her for her 13 year old son’s poor school attendance. She says she just cannot get him to go to school and is it at the end of her tether. She adds that she feels depressed. The family were known to Children’s Service’s 5 years ago due to neglect, but the mother demonstrated progress the children were only on a child protection plan for 6 months. Is this suitable to pass on for an Early Help assessment?
6. During an Early Help assessment a mother shares with her family support worker that she is using MCAT (mephedrone). She asks the support worker not to disclose this to anyone. What should the family support worker do?
7. If a family refuses an Early Help assessment a referral to children social care should:
8. Tick all that apply:
9. Graham Allen’s 2011 review of Early Help is based on which principle:
10. Early Help can prevent problems in a cost effective way and prevent the need for:
11. When working with a family, practitioners should (select all that are relevant):
12. In terms of identification and support for families, which of the following statements are true?
13. Below is a checklist of some examples of good practice in identifying and supporting families. Tick all those that you currently do, and reflect upon any changes you need to make to improve your practice

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