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Questions for Family and Friends Placement
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1. Approximately how many children were living in formal kinship arrangements at March 2013?
2. Approximately what proportion of children living in kinship care live informally with relatives?
3. True or false: children placed with kinship carers do less well than children placed with unrelated foster carers?
4. True or false: relatives are generally not involved in local authority decision making and pre-proceedings planning
5. True or false: Family Group Conferences should always be used to engage family members early in the process
6. True or false: The majority of kinship care arrangements are initiated by social workers
7. True or false: Placements tend to be more stable when kinship carers have been formally assessed?
8. True or false: Support should be available for kinship carers regardless of whether children are cared for through formal or informal arrangements?
9. True or false: Kinship carers show a strong commitment to the children they care for
10. True or false: Kinship carers do not usually have to deal with children with challenging behaviour?
11. True or False: The majority of kinship carers are grandparents
12. Which of these statements are associated with positive outcomes for children placed in kinship care (tick all that are true)?
13. Thinking about your own practice, consider the following and tick all those that you currently do, and reflect upon any changes/training you need to improve your practice.

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