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Questions for Introduction to Pre-Proceedings

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1. Pre proceedings means
2. Pre proceedings can be implemented with a family and the case may never end up in Care Proceedings.
3. Key elements when working with a family in pre-proceedings are:
4. Pre-proceedings should only be used if:
5. The Family Justice System has placed a time limit on the duration of care proceedings (Public Law Outline). This time limit is:
6. Two reasons for achieving better timeliness in care proceedings are:
7. Which 2 key elements do the local authority need to consider as a result of the Public Law Outline:
8. You have been working with a mother of 4 children, under the age of 10 years. The children have been subjects of child protection plans, at risk of neglect and emotional harm, for over 6 months. Little progress is being made and the mother is not co-operating well, and is showing little insight into the Local authority’s concerns. You are also aware the mother has resumed her relationship with her violent ex-partner. Do you:
9. Which of the following are potential causes of delays in proceedings (select all that are true)
10. Thinking about your own practice, consider the following and tick all those that you currently do, and reflect upon any changes/training you need to improve your practice.

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